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Strategy and Growth

Strategy and Growth

At OmegaPH, strategy begins with a deep understanding of customers, competitors, and the capabilities our customer can bring to bear to drive value today and tomorrow. We help clients define and execute strategies designed to deliver top and bottom line growth by aligning plans and resources to enduring and emerging customer objectives and missions.

Corporate Strategy

Today’s CEOs have at their disposal tremendous capabilities that are too often trapped in stove-piped organizations that can impede the transfer of skills to meet new opportunities. We help the company’s management understand their total capability set can serve emerging customers’ needs and drive business growth.


Business Line Strategy

Optimizing growth and performance within a line of business involves sustaining the current core business, successfully positioning for follow-on opportunities, and thoughtfully pushing the edges of the business into new attractive adjacencies. OmegaPH helps identify and implement strategies that lead to sustainable growth.


Market Assessment

In a complex and rapidly evolving environment, strategies can rapidly become out of sync with customer and competitive realities. We help companies identify the most urgent strategic risks as well as tomorrow’s opportunities.


Growth Positioning

Future growth prospects and strategies depend on a firm’s current position and its alignment with market realities. We help clients understand how they are positioned across key segments and the growth opportunities and challenges that positioning affords.


Strategy Development

We help our clients to expand their businesses by discovering, assessing and selecting new and profitability attractive market spaces.


Planning process support

Turning strategies into operational realities requires rigorous planning processes that rally the entire team behind new initiatives and market understandings. Our experienced facilitators and planning support teams can accelerate this process through targeted efforts that drive consensus supported by detailed, robust analysis.



We provide international business representation for overseas manufacturers and suppliers, interested in establishing a business presence in Israel.

Selecting, understanding, and engaging corporate and public sector customers has become increasingly complicated. Senior executives confront organizations with multiple stakeholders, complex and often conflicting interests. OmegaPH delivers a clear understanding of customer priorities, plans and resources. We understand how to collaboratively engage customers at every level across our market sectors and leverage our customer and competitor knowledge to support campaigns that deliver real results.


Customer Segmentation

We help clients identify the most promising customer segments and map out the stakeholders that hold the keys to maximizing revenue potential.

As your representative, we will act on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. We will help you to increase profits by capitalizing on sales of your products in the local market. We are commited to international and professional service standards that are based on full communication, on time performance and goal oriented business outlook.


Customer Relationship Management

Despite years of investment, companies are too often unable to produce a single, integrated picture of their customer landscape and interactions. We work with clients to implement leading-edge internal systems and processes that provide a platform for profitable customer relationships, business process improvement, and real-time collaboration.


Business Effectiveness

Customers and their buying patterns and processes change with the market, yet too many companies pursue business the same way they have for years. We help clients assess their business development processes and adjust those processes and organization to account for changed customer dynamics and company objectives.


Pipeline Optimization

Opportunity pipelines are a powerful, but often misused tool. They should focus business development effort on the highest-priority, highest-value opportunities. Too often, they serve to dissipate strategic focus by spreading resources across too many opportunities that lack appropriate size, capability fit, and prospect for success. We help clients build, prioritize, and manage their pipelines to increase the value of their future opportunities.


Key Accounts Management

Key Accounts Management

Our goal is to create a unique and constant business value for our clients and partners, to enable the access to new and potential markets and the materialization of profitable longstanding agreements.

We assist our clients to precise their business goals by mapping and evaluating their products while considering feasible alternatives. Once we establish the above we combine expertise and capabilities along with our own knowledge of the international markets’ segments demands. OmegaPH’s goal is to provide an individually designed consulting and solutions portfolio to correspond with the client’s specific needs.

Pricing Strategy

A winning strategy begins with a solid understanding of what it takes to compete in a given market. OmegaPH conducts bid and non-bid specific analyses to help clients understand and optimize their cost positioning relative to the market and competitive field through the balanced organization approach or teaming.


Design to Cost

Meeting overall profitability targets dictates that new business be evaluated in terms of its potential contribution to the bottom line. We help executives develop realistic perspectives on likely cost drivers early to help shape the technical approach and support bid/no bid decisions.


Customer Assessment

Thorough understanding of customer needs, priorities, and stakeholders is essential to crafting a winning proposal. OmegaPH conducts a detailed analysis of the procurement environment, including both stated and unstated preferences of each important stakeholder group and implications for our clients’, and their competitors’, bid strategy.

We create an individual marketing concept based on the company’s capabilities and assets. We consolidate a brand presentation plan and segment approach strategy enhancing the organization’s value.


Competitive Analysis

Understanding the competition’s capabilities and motivations is fundamental to a winning pursuit. We provide clients with a rigorous assessment of competitor core competencies, reputations with customers, teaming structures, likely aggressiveness in new business capture, and multiple other variables critical to understanding overall bid position.


Price to Win

Rigorous pricing analysis is increasingly recognized as a minimal requirement for any important capture effort, but too often the models used are antiquated, opaque, and of limited value in making hard-headed decisions on pricing strategy. OmegaPH conducts extensive primary and secondary source research and uses industry-leading parametric modeling techniques to deliver transparent pricing analyses that drive strategy, rather than just providing “a number.”

Global Expansion

Global Expansion

Today, no one can ignore how global forces are reshaping the landscape. Companies must look to new markets for growth and defend against the challenges posed by emerging competitors. Often those new markets are international. For firms that have aligned their operations and strategies around a core set of domestic customers, limited knowledge of and experience in particular international markets can doom any growth effort. With our global footprint, deep customer and industry knowledge, and network of regional experts and local advisors, we help clients select the markets and opportunities where success is most likely, and then align their organizations to succeed through organic effort, partnering or acquisition

Global Scenario development

Formulating a global strategy in an uncertain world demands integrating multiple perspectives to anticipate unseen risks and opportunities. Our teams bring deep expertise to help leaders develop a sophisticated understanding of critical global trends and their implications for corporate strategies.


Market Entry Strategy

Entering or expanding presence in a new market involves complex choices, ranging from the mode of entry to appropriate investment levels to local organizational structure design. Whether in established markets such as the United States or Europe, emerging economies such as India, or the developing world, we work with clients to translate market entry objectives into realistic, time-phased plans with appropriate decision-gates and performance metrics


Strategic Offset Management

For many government-driven purchases, industrial offset arrangements are a critical requirement. We work with clients to design and execute transparent and successful offset initiatives, and to think more strategically about how offsets can serve the firm’s overall goals.


Global Sales Management

Many CEOs have articulated ambitious goals to become more global, yet are saddled with outdated and poorly aligned business development organizations. International business development efforts are often unfocused, spread too thin, and not accountable against rigorous metrics.  We help clients realign their global business development assets, adopt approaches to manage those assets well, ensure transparency and accountability, and use metrics to drive to hard objectives.


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